Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Mossimo Ponte Leggings {+ a new OPI polish & small mention of Cher}

I was alerted to the fabulousness of these ponte leggings by Shasta, who writes for CupcakeMAG. She said they were very much like J Crew's pixie pants at a fraction of the price. Now, I never did buy any of the pixies, but I can attest that these Mossimo Skinny Ponte Leggings are wonderful... the fabric feels and looks great; they are thick, comfortable, and definitely give me a feeling of support or being rather "firmed up". There is a seam front and back down the legs, and wide elastic waistband. No zippers or closures. I put mine through the washer and (accidentally, even though the tag says tumble dry is okay) the dryer inside-out... and they came out beautifully. Then I went out and bought a second pair.

Here are a couple ways I've worn them so far:

Old Navy Cowlneck Tunic Sweater in Graphite, Mossimo Leggings, J Crew Brewster boots (last year)

a little chilly -- so I added a J Crew outlet denim jacket from a few years ago before I headed out

the leggings again, with an Old Navy Perfect V-Neck Tee, Target Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan in Heather Oatmeal, Gray Uggs and Burberry scarf

This boyfriend cardi from Target is priced at just $20 and comes in lots of colors... even a couple with stripes. It is just the length I like with leggings. It is pretty thin -- you can see the outline of my tee sleeve easily in the pics.

Also, please pardon the three shades of OPI polish on my thumb that I was testing out at the salon... which brings me to this:

pic from

Yes. That is Cher on the left (Cher! My Cher story is here.) and when I walked into the nail salon and saw this display, I knew I must get one of these colors for my pedicure. I chose "Let Me Entertain You", a sparkly, shimmery, bright and happy fuschia:

pic from

Great pics and reviews of the Burlesque collection can be found at All Lacquered Up.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Sweet Girl you are ROCKIN those leggings!
    Love those purple toes!
    I just ordered some dark purple polish from OPI that I'm going to use for my next pedi!

  2. You look GREAT! Thanks for the heads-up on the leggings.

  3. I have been looking for an alternative to the Pixie from J.Crew and that is a great price point. Thanks!

  4. Once again lady, you ROCK! I asked you about those Target "pixie" look alike's! They seem to be the perfect alternative, I am heading to Target this week to check 'em out:) Also love the ON tunic sweater, is that a recent purchase? I am looking for a new sweater/tunic to wear this fall w/ leggings. While in Target, I am going to check out the boyfriend cardigans that you have here, too. THANK YOU, for this lovely post!!!!!!

  5. I LOVE your hair from that first pic! How do you get that perfect ponytail with the slighty bump up top?

  6. Teresa - oooooo Enjoy! xo
    mommydearest - thank you!
    DrDrama - oh good - hope you like them!
    mrs.anketell - Yes I thought of you while posting on the leggings and cardi! Thank you!!
    Lisa - Thanks! ...I think some of it may be the angle of the photo or the angle of my head in the photo? I just do a regular ponytail and then sometimes give it a little push up in the back... but in the photo it looks more bumped up for some reason than I think it does in real life.

  7. Love the leggings! I went and got a pair. I have the J Crew pixies and that darn zipper in the back drives me nuts. Love all the ways you've styled your outfits.

  8. mrs.a - yes! forgot to say that the ON tunic is new... just got it a couple weeks ago, promo'd in store for I think around $30?? It is great - a soft chunky knit, perfect length for leggings. The weave is a little loose so I wear a tank or tee underneath.

  9. Thank you so much for this fabulous post. Is that Old Navy tunic truly made from 100% cotton? Also, how do those Target ponte pants run in size? Do they stretch out again.
    Thanks again for these posts!

  10. Bellamama - My tunic in Graphite says 60% cotton/40% acrylic on the tag. The ponte pants are very fitted - like leggings. I tried on Sm & Med and purchased the Small. Not much difference between the two - more fabric in the legs of the Med but they didn't seem any looser... maybe a tad longer? I've found mine stretch to fit but retain the same shape all day... they haven't gotten baggy or stretched out at all!