Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little Break {for an important subject}

This space is my little corner of the blogosphere where I have lots of fun sharing fashion finds, nail polish colors, travel fun, and the occasional recipe. Of course, all of this is flavored with personal opinion and experience (I'm not a professional at any of this) but I usually try to limit my content to these fun diversions and not get into any deep discussions. On the rare occasion, though, something comes along that seems so urgent and important that I just cannot not share.

Most of us have seen the headlines about the effect that bullying is having on young people today. In some cases it is absolutely tragic. I recently ran across a post on the blog Single Dad Laughing: Memoirs of a Bullied Kid. It is the most powerful discussion of the topic I have seen.

Now, it's a long post and takes some time to read. In the first part, the author recounts his own experiences, and in later paragraphs, he offers some real wisdom, insight and answers as to what we, as adults - parents or not - can do to help both the bullied and the bullies. His words had an impact on me and I think he offers a powerful voice for action and change. As of today he has over two thousand reader comments.

click here to see the post

I will resume my regularly scheduled programming soon :) and hope you are all starting out a wonderful week.



  1. Thank you for sharing this. What an amazing person, and what a story he is willing to tell. I think I need to share this with my school...

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I will be posting it this week on my blog.

  3. Thanks for posting this. It was an engaging reading and resonates with truth.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing...I'm passing this on to my friends and our school...very powerful!


  5. Thank you for sharing his post with us, and let us feel with him. In my career counseling for students (and those who choose their subject) I sometimes have young people who are bullied - because they are "fat" or in some other way different from others. It is difficult to bring the other kids to be aware of what they are doing - though I think that it is possible the more heart they have. Parents, teachers and preachers that teach tolerance, ethics, religion, culture (literature+films) by being a role model and not just talking - these are all very important influences!