Saturday, October 23, 2010

Banana Republic Reade Motorcycle Boot {+ a Lilly Sale!}

During a recent 30% off sale (it seems there are a lot of those lately, doesn't it?) I ordered the black Reade moto boot from BR. It is a pretty basic, just-above-ankle boot, with a gunmetal buckle at the side. The leather strap is stitched down - the buckle is not adjustable. There is memory foam padding, but still on my first wearing the ball of my left foot hurt... I think the boot was still a little tight. Second wearing last night, they felt fine. I'm really just so used to flats that a 3 1/4" heel height is an adjustment... but these will be getting lots of wear this Fall and Winter - they are so versatile. I found them TTS; wearing my usual 8 1/2.

How I wore them first:

Anthropologie Plaza Cardigan, ON tank in white, Mossimo ponte leggings, BR Reade boot

This is one of my favorite Anthro cardis. I've put it through the washing machine a couple of times (flat to dry) and the ruffles are still looking good!

And... Splash of Pink (I've ordered lots of my Lilly from them) is currently offering 30% off Fall Lilly Pulitzer items with the code NOTRICK. The promotion ends tomorrow, October 24th.

Happy Saturday!



  1. Love the look!
    Especially the cardigan from Anthropologie...soft grey and the white tank suggest such luxe, and look at how your necklace shows so well here...

  2. Okay, LOOOOOOOOVE this outfit. What a perfect fall/winter look! Love the cardigan, wish i had seen this. May have to look into these boots, now. I sale soon,maybe? Oh! And i got me some of those target "pixie" pants....and LOVE them, thank you so much for finding these!!!! I think i need another pair, too. thank you for the sale on Lily----I think Olivia (almost 4 months!) will need some Lily in her life:)

  3. Those foot stretcher things & stretcher spray -- like these totally work for the problem you describe. I did it at the beg on the year for my boots. I first did the stretcher only, which worked. Adding the shoe stretcher spray make it even better.

    Cute. Boots!

  4. The boots look great with your outfit. Love the Antro cardigan, love those ruffles. Love the gray cardigan and white tank....i such a classic, elegant look.

  5. Dear Sparrow an Sparkles,
    getting used to new shoes sometimes is a problem (I read that in former time rich people in GB made their butlers to run a while in them - though I wouldn't appreciate that out of hygenic reasons :-)
    As Fall gets heavier now in Germany, in our area with the many, many trees (Hamburg is the city with the most trees in Germany, they say) it is best to avoid higher heels - to much foliage on the pavement, and often one has to run quickly to fetch the tube