Monday, October 4, 2010

Banana Republic {silk lace front shell} + Old Navy Sale Shopping

I am so far behind in posts... life with three kiddos has been extremely busy lately and most days it feels like I am just running from one thing to another with very little time to put a coherent thought or two together.

So, finally, here is the last item from my Give and Get order... I posted on the Gap part of my order awhile ago, and then had an OOTD with the BR leopard cardi & Ludlow Bay blue blouse. Just recently I got around to wearing the Lace Front Shell (which I really like). This color appears to be sold out online now, but they do still have it available in black -- and it is on sale.

(btw: SAVEBIG gets you 30% off at Banana, Gap, and ON today and tomorrow... I just ordered this in the Cream Plaid... saw it in-store and thought it was gorgeous -- but just couldn't pay $59.50 for an Old Navy jacket... also ordered this in Mellow Yellow and stocked up on some tees... don't forget to go through ebates if you order online for cash back)

BR Lace Front Shell, Loft cardi in a dark gray, faux black pearl earrings... most likely from Ann Taylor 10 years ago or so, Tiffany & Co. necklace... also about 10 years ago, DY cable bracelet, Gucci oversized coin logo sunglasses, jeans and Revas

Happy Monday!



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  2. You look gorgeous, and I love the shell on you. Wasn't it such a great purchase?

    I completely understand how busy life gets when you have several kiddos...I think you're doing a fantastic job with your blog, and I always love hearing what you have to say. :)

  3. The top is very pretty on you :-)

  4. looooooooove the top----went into BR during my lunch today and low and behold, I found one more left size small! love it!!
    would love to see what you purchased from target and jcrew from your last spree...?? i have my jcrew discount card and need to go in this week!

  5. You really know how to dress are such a fashionable and savvy mom.
    I never ever looked as good when I was a stay at home mom...
    You are doing a great job keeping yourself looking chic and taking care of the family...

  6. Oh! Just looked at both of those coats you ordered, from ON, what fabulous deals, with the sale right now! love the plaid one!! must have!!

  7. Fabulous Florida Mommy - thank you so much! very nice of you to say :)
    Rose & Gigi - thanks :)
    mrs.a - I'll try to get a quick post up on the J Crew soon! The ON plaid coat is gorgeous in person - nicely made & looks way more expensive than you'd expect... and sort of classic/retro/MadMen to me :)
    hostess - thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.