Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Portland OOTDs

I do have some around town pics of this beautiful city (which I loooved - hadn't been to Portland since before kids!) but here are some quick snaps of my ootds...

I usually am very organized with my packing, but as this was only for three nights, I had the kids all packed but put off my own packing till the last minute and then got a horrible headache (probably from the stress of putting off packing till the last minute) so just started throwing things in a suitcase hoping I would end up with some appropriate outfits. Since there was no airplane involved, I was able to overpack quite a bit so it worked out okay.

Sparkle & Fade Ruffle Front Tee in Purple, LOFT cardi (last year), Vigoss jeans (last year), Tory Burch Millers in Silver, Anthropologie earrings

Nordstrom Rack Ruffle Cardigan (thin t-shirty knit) - #727260446149 $19.97 - in Oatmeal (also had in Purple, Gray, and Black), J Crew Tissue Ruffle Tank in Paris Pink, Target Merona denim, Jack Rogers Navajo in Gold, Anthropologie earrings

J Crew Torque Moto Cardigan in Pearl, J Crew ruffle tee in Navy (last year), Vigoss jeans, Tretorn Nylite Sneakers, Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Turquoise

Hope everyone is having a great week!



  1. You do a great job packing under pressure bc all your outfits look well thought out and put together!!

  2. You look great! I love the first outfit especially. I hope you had a great time in Portland!

  3. Nothing makes my day like one of your outfit posts!

    That J.Crew cardi looks amazing on you. Hopefully, I can catch on in my size on a popback.

  4. I love the sparkle & fade tee. You look good in the Moto, too. I'll add you link to my post on the cardi.

    Vigoss will be available again at the Nordstrom Half Yearly. I might check them out.

  5. LOVE the torque moto cardi! I am really digging the asymetrical look right now!

  6. I try to make up "a perfect list for packing my suitcase" - well, it never works out, something is always "too much/of no use" - although I get better. Have been in Edinburgh for a whole month (adventures hidden in my garden blog of June - although I will tackle "the the suitcase problem" in my new blog "You are witty and pretty") and still had too much with me, why did I pack 2 LBDs and one in soft pink? And 4 trousers, 1 white and 1 Jeans skirt... Well - life long learning, I think... Britta

  7. You look great in everything!!! That ruffle top is killing me I WANT it!!

  8. You GOTZ the STYLE goin' on in each and every outfit Chica! =)

  9. Pamela, Jessica & southern hostess - thank you!
    Phyllis - thanks it is a great cardi - I hope you get a popback!
    Gigi - thanks!
    Sarah Mina - thanks :)
    Britta - thank you for stopping by! Love the quotes on your blog!
    triciathomas - thank you :) They have it in 3 colors and the price is great. It's very comfy & stretchy/nice fabric too.
    yogagirl - thank you! :)

  10. Hi! Love your outfits, thankx for posting! Lately, between taking care of my newborn and my three year old, haven't had much time to read my blogs!! But I love the Torque Moto Cardigan on you, I may need to see if my store still has any. I also love the outfit with the ruffle tank in the paris pink color, i love mine!! The open cardigan with the pink tank looks super comfy and pretty,too!!