Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OOTN for Traveling {sleeping in this one}

My husband and I were discussing the other day exactly why we thought taking a red-eye across the country with three children would be a good idea when we bought our tickets a while back. We couldn't quite recall.

We've done flights this length with them quite a few times... and even the longer flights from Seattle to Copenhagen and back last summer... but we've never done the "get on the plane way past your bedtime and please just fall asleep so you're up bright and early to jump in a car just in time for rush hour traffic" kind of flight. Any kind thoughts sent our way will be greatly appreciated... ;)

I know I said "sleeping" in my blog title but that is optimistic. At any rate, I will be spending the night in this outfit so I wanted it to be comfortable, layered, decent enough looking in the airports, and not high maintenance. All the pieces are recent purchases from Target and great buys. The cardigan is thin but similar to a weave you'd find at J Crew, with a nice drape and nice finishing on the hem and cuffs.

I snapped the pics below right after I bought the pieces just to try on. I'll wear them with some Tory Burch Revas and my LV Totally tote in Damier Azur. Minimal jewelry -- I had a chunky necklace set off the airport security buzzer once. You don't need those kind of delays when you are trying to get three little ones' shoes off/on and through security with their backpacks/American Girl dolls etc etc.

Mossimo Supply Co Kimono Dress in Ebony, $15.00, Mossimo Drape Front Cocoon Cardigan in Purple, $19.99, Mossimo Supply Co Leggings in Grey $6.00

This dress came in a few different colors but I could only find Grey online. There is also a maxi dress that looks like a similar style.

a little brighter lighting to show the cardi...
I don't see the Purple online, but they do have Royal Teal, Black, Grey, and White

the $6 leggings -- love these!

I am super busy getting ready for our upcoming vacation but should have some on-the-road travel (and possibly shopping) posts up over the next couple of weeks. Hope everyone's having a great week!



  1. Ah, travel fashion, you know it's my fav! Now that I have the iPad, my carry-ons are greatly reduced. Sounds like you have comfy down pat!

  2. Gotta love target for such great finds. New to your blog and enjoying it!
    BTW, I have a giveaway over at my blog, come on over and check it out.

  3. perfectly fabulous travel outfit! we traveled ONCE all night with the children...once...that's all it took! :)

  4. Comfy and cute, perfect for the airplane. Have a safe flight!

  5. Love the purple cardigan!! It seems as though these open, breezy, casual cardigans are a big hit for fall, so i need to pick up some! love it with the gray leggings, i need to get some at target!! where are you headed, for vacation, anyway??

  6. Wishing you patience and creativity ;) I have three kids, too, who go on international flights and a few shorter ones here and there, so I salute you! It always turns out okay, but it sure isn't relaxing.

    I like the cardigan- I think I have asimilar one I bought at Target last year. It's a great style for traveling :)

  7. Hope you're having a wonderful time.

    I bought that cardi last week in the khaki/beige color.

  8. Looooooove your posting on Target finds!! Thanks! PIcked up one of these cardigans, too! And I already had the capri's, in black, (legging capri's) so i wore my black leggings, a gray "boyfriend" tee, and the purple caridgan, what a great outfit idea, thank you!! super comfy for flying, hope you are having a great time!!