Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OOTD 7.21.10: Yellow + Stripes

It is really gray and misty here this morning (think Scooby Doo episode) but the sun has been coming out in the afternoons and it's pretty warm. I think I've finally made it through all the vacation laundry -- plus some catch-up since my washer broke right before we left for Portland. Luckily we ordered one right after we returned and it arrived the next day. (I'm really excited for my new washer, by the way!)

So today: day camp, getting my hair highlighted (finally), afternoon appointments. I was also up bright and early for a second Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order since I got the tweet about replens. My order consisted mostly of things for Hubs (that cashmere cardi I wanted did not come back in stock) but I do have a few fun items on the way for myself too. I was really surprised that my kids' shoes pre-order got cancelled since I ordered really early in-store on that one... so I am also on the hunt for some Keen Newports today.

Anyway, here's my OOTD:

J Crew cardi (couple years ago), Silence + Noise Tank from Urban Outfitters #18654277, Merona denim, TB Revas in black

exposed zip on back of tank

Happy Wednesday!



  1. What a great outfit-- love the yellow with the stripes! So glad you're getting at least some afternoon sunshine!

    Question: Did Nordstrom completely cancel the pre-order on your kids' shoes? Did they say why? That really is surprising, especially since you ordered them early on IN the store. Hmmm.

  2. Traveling T's & Phyllis - thank you!
    Katherine - thanks! So, what happened with Nordstrom was this - I placed the order in-store with a really helpful associate in early July, she filled out a form & took my credit card info and said she would run it through as soon as they were able to... On July 15th I received an email from saying my order was "no longer available and will not be shipped". I was really surprised I couldn't even get the shoes on preorder! Things seem to be selling through really fast this year.

  3. I like your latest banner. Cute outfit. :-)

  4. Love the TB Revas! Someday I will buy a pair.

    Come on over, I am hosting a Vera Bradley giveaway over on my blog. Stop on by... :)

  5. Super cute outfit. I like the detail on the shirt!

    Visiting your adorable blog via Nautical by Nature =)

  6. I love the navy and yellow combo!!