Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OOTD 4.18.10

Back to (sunny) last weekend for an OOTD... it was raining so hard at 4:30 this morning that it woke me up and it sounded like it could break right through the skylights. Where are those rainboots...

Lands' End Canvas khaki shift dress, ATL black cotton cardigan with floral detail #86583046, Miss Trish for Target white seahorse sandals, faux gold hoops, Michele deco diamond watch, OPI Mod-ern Girl nail polish

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I heard the same rain this morning. I wish the sun would come back.

    I love the Lands End canvas line!

  2. So simple and pretty!! Love it!

  3. Same rain here! You look so pretty! I think I'm finding I like my simple classic outfits the best!

  4. I want that cardigan...LOVE the detail and it's so feminine! You look great but aren't your feet cold? It's grey and rainy here too...I am spring cleaning here in the Bungalow.

  5. Very classic, I'm going to recreate this.

  6. Loooooooove the dress. Wish I could wear it right now. Love that cardigan, as well. Is this a new one from ATL?? I am always looking for cute black cardigans!!!!!! Thanks for the OOTD!

  7. I have been eyeing that dress but wasn't sure of the length on me. How tall are you (if you don't mind me asking) it fits you beautifully!

  8. Papercourt - me too - we had such a nice weekend!
    Jemma - thank you!
    Peggy - thanks! me too... I'm always comfortable in the classics :)
    hostess - It was in the 70's! But today I am in socks and Burberry rainboots... and a down vest!
    Tabitha - thank you :)
    mrs.anketell - I got it off the sale rack! I couldn't find it online. They had another color too... beige or tan?
    Debye - thank you. I am almost 5'5" and this dress is a 4.

  9. Rain,rain, rain... I want some.. Your outfit is cute! simple and cute.

  10. Texan in UAE - I'm sure I'd be happy to trade for a little of your weather! :) thanks :)

  11. Lovely black cardigan. So feminine and charming!

    Leila Silva