Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miss Trish of Capri for Target 2010

Sometime back in March I noticed these uber cute Miss Trish of Capri sandals for girls, so I took my two in to choose a pair. My six year old chose the white with seahorse, and my eight year old chose the brown with turtle. I was really, really hoping some mommy versions would appear - and when I heard they were I zipped over to Target to hopefully score a pair or two.

I came home with the white and black yesterday, so here are some pics. (I tried on 8.5 and 9 and went with the 9s... either would have been ok and I typically wear one of those sizes.) I went with the larger because I can't stand even a hint of toe or heel overhang on the front or back of my sandals.

Mommy and Minnie - I love it - thanks, Target!
Girls' are $19.99, Womens' are $24.99

the same jeweled seahorse detailing on both

you can slide the side straps up to get a snugger fit

detail of the black coral branch flat sandal

the decoration is a little hard on the top of my foot - I may need to stick a little cushioned Band-Aid on the underside... same as the Tory Burch Kelseys

check before you buy! the strap on the right sandal (on the left above) is considerably shorter than on the left one -- I have to buckle the right on the very last hole and the left around the first hole to get the same fit

(update: I was able to exchange this morning for a pair with same-length straps on each shoe... and Bonus: I happened upon an endcap with a few pairs of Cynthia Vincent shoes out already, and bought the Gladiator Wedges in cognac... Fabulous Florida Mommy has some IRL pics up today and I'll have them in an OOTD before too long, hopefully!)

and aren't these cute?! (I didn't see a mommy version)... love the boxes too with the swimming-pool-reflection interior... Barbie might like these!

the turtle detail

I won't be blogging for a few days... Spring soccer, birthday party season, different events... but I'll be back soon! Happy Weekend!



  1. I ran to Target last night because I had to get that tunic you were talking about and to see if we had any of these sandals. Our Target must be slow because we didn't have any of it! I am sure it will be there soom though...hopefully because I want to get some of those sandals!

  2. Love these - so cute! I went to target after seeing your post yesterday but I found all the Miss Trish so uncomfortable! Let me know what you think after you wear them a bit. Maggie wanted the turtle ones back in March, but they just didn't fit right. I love that you and your little girl have matching pairs!

  3. CUTE!!! My daughter picked out the pink starfish ones about a month ago! I am headed there right now to score a pair for myself!

  4. They are all so cute!! The seahorse turquoise goes great with your nail color!

  5. and i can't drive for another 2.5 weeks!!! aghhhh!!! I have the turtles from last year. they were coral instead of turquoise. I love the white sea horses. I NEED some now!

  6. I am getting a summer vibe happening here...thinking Palm Springs or somewhere tropical!

  7. Very, very cute! Thanks for the pics...both pair look great on you. :)

    Have fun this weekend!

  8. Those are the two pairs I want! They look great, I especially like the black pair. Thanks for the IRL pics and reviews!

  9. love the white ones------checked my target today, didn't see them..yet! love the pedicure, too, btw. Happy weekend!!

  10. I reluctantly passed on the black ones, because they were uncomfortable. But so gorgeous.

    I ended up getting the pink and green pair. I'm always partial to my sorority colors.

  11. Oooh, those black coral Trish's are beautiful- they all are, actually. I already bought three pairs of CV, so I'm goig to wait on those. hope they don't sell out in the meantime!

  12. Oh I love these, if only they shipped to the UK.

  13. First time on your blog, I really love it.

    Love your shoes, very cute! I wish they shipped to UAE. I wonder?

  14. so adorable! I'm going to need to stop there on the way home tonight!

  15. the seahorses are adorable! I love these

  16. I tried on the seahorse sandals and had
    a hard time with the strap too. It felt
    like the strap didn't go around my foot.
    I should have tried both the right and left
    shoe. Next time I am in Target I will
    try them on again. I think they look
    great on you!