Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jo Cupcake Ladybug Cupcakes

I found these pretty tins of cupcake mix/deco at World Market a couple weeks ago and decided it would be just the thing for an easy, fun Girl Scout meeting snack. The cake actually tasted really good - I think I detected a little almond flavoring (?). At any rate, the kids really enjoyed them. I didn't use the frosting mix - I went with a whipped vanilla of the tubbed variety. The white paper liners are not included in the kit.

And -- did anyone else make that Kraft Foods bunny cake? So easy and fun for the little ones!



  1. those cupcakes are sooo cute!! last year we made an Easter cake like that with m and m's :) I might have to find some kits like that and make them with my mom!!

  2. I think it's great that you take the time, effort and energy to do fun stuff like this for your kids! I hope to do stuff like this for my kids one day. :)

  3. ^^Ditto what Paige said. I'm sure your kids love this stuff. Both the bunny cake and the cupcakes are cute.

  4. Those cupcakes are adorable, good find!

  5. Those ladybug cupcakes belong in everyone's homes!!

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  6. Those Ladybug cupcakes are like the cutest thing I've ever seen! :)

    My Mom used to make me a "Bunny Cake" on my Birthday--this one looks so adorable with the bow-tie!

  7. Those cupcakes look delicious! I am now craving something sugary!