Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tory Burch Review: The Holland Satchel in Black

Well, my TB Holland satchel arrived today and while I generally love the looks - and the size of this handbag is perfect - I will tell you that, sadly, it is already packed up and labeled to return.  And I really don't like returning.

First off, I must say that the TB folks did a very nice job packaging the bag and I noticed when reading return instructions that they also offer 10 day price adjustments, which is very nice.

Now, on to the Holland.  The leather is pretty and the print is just as I expected.  My first issue, though was that the hardware is shown on the website as gold and in reality, it was that dark black-looking silver metal.  A nice metal, just not what I thought I was ordering.  

In addition to the hardware color, when it comes to the functionality of this bag, it just won't work for me.  The handles and shoulder strap I must say are great and just what I wanted.  

But. The bag just doesn't open wide enough.  I had my husband look at it and he said it looked like I would scrape my hand on the zipper reaching into it.  Maybe I am just used to my LV Speedy and Neverful but it's too narrow of an opening and the opening is very stiff - there is something under the leather - contributing to keeping the bag from opening wide enough for me.  The clasp is very nice but it's a little cumbersome (for me) to have to do a clasp and a zipper.  And, since the bag is very stiff around the opening - and the rest of the bag is very thin and pliable - it makes it top heavy.  Personally, I didn't like this structure.  I'd prefer a satchel a little stiffer sided, if that makes sense.

So, while there are a lot of things I love about this bag - it really is beautiful - it just isn't perfect and I would enjoy looking at it, but not actually using it.  I see that one of the colors is already sold out on the website, so I'm sure many people are liking it, but personally, my search for the perfect black bag continues...

Hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday!




    The perfect black purse, in my opinion! I am hoping that Santa will bring me one this year.. *winkwink* The straps are a great length, and B. Makowsky always has such soft leather.

    Hope you find exactly what you're looking for!

  2. oh no, i love that purse! that sucks it won't work out for'll find the perfect black purse soon enough! :)

  3. Thanks for the great review. Never thought about the zipper issue.

  4. That last photo really shows the narrow opening. Too bad. Keep looking, when you find your perfect black bag you will know it. I knew my Rebecca Minkoff MAB was perfect for my lifestyle as soon as it arrived in the mail.

  5. I can definitely see how the narrow opening could be cumbersome, I would have returned it too. Interesting how you talk about the hardware looking different - I ordered the Gabi flats with the 30% off so I decided to just buy all 3 colors they came in so I could see them in person to make my choice - I had really loved the coconut color online which looks like a gray with gold studs on the TB logo but in person there are no gold studs and the color is just a dark brown. Very weird! I emailed customer service because I love the gray color but I've heard nothing back yet.

    However, I do recommend these shoes because they were insanely comfortable and I'm really thinking about keeping all 3 pairs because I love them.

    Also I know the Dior bag is sold out/backordered but if it's the bag you really love I'd wait and see about buying that one. Maybe you could try calling some stores - try the one in Chevy Chase, MD because it's not a busy store and they might have a good chance of having one!

  6. That *does* look narrow. The leather looks great, though.

  7. Keep searching! You WILL find the perfect bag. It's so disappointing to look forward to something only to have to pack it all up and return it. (Today I spent an hour filling out return labels and packing up recent purchases that just weren't what I had envisioned. Sigh.)

    Thanks for sharing your great finds as well as your disappointments. You are such a savvy shopper and reliable and enlightening design mentor!!

  8. What a shame! It is such a pretty bag--kind of like a Tory Burch Birkin!