Monday, December 28, 2009

Anthropologie: Sewing Club Hoodie {+ cute lounge pants}

When my mom takes me Christmas shopping, we go around to different favorite stores and I show her several things I like, then she goes back and chooses some things - so, it's kind of a surprise but she always gets me things I really like. This year we made the rounds - J Crew, Anthropologie, Williams Sonoma, F21...

So at Anthropologie I was mainly focused on the jewelry and sale rack (more reviews to come, thanks Mom!) and completely missed the display that had the Sewing Club Hoodie with a white tee and some adorable lounge pants (can't find them online, but photographed below)... Mom thought it would be a great little outfit for me to wear as jammies/around the house, using the hoodie as a short robe. I actually have it on right now over my jammies... but I most definitely will be wearing it out with jeans + tee and did wear it most of Christmas day. Love it - so soft and comfortable. The color is called Med Pink online but I would say it is more of a tomato-orangey-red.

I love the wide lapels that extend to the hood:

Underneath you can see all the extensive crosstitch embroidery:

And let's just take a look at the hood up for fun.

(hi to my kitty Shelby on the lower right behind me there!)

Now for the cute, cute lounge pants. Great colors and an artsy circus print:

Happy Monday! More reviews and/or OOTDs coming up with more gifts from Anthro, J Crew and F21.



  1. How cute are those lounge pants!!! I love them!!!

  2. The lounge pants are super cute.

  3. What a great lounge set! I love the hoodie!

  4. Oh WOW I love the hoodie!!! I want it!!!!

  5. I really like the pants!! Cute!

    Happy New Year! Enjoying your blog!


  6. What a pretty hoodie! I can totally see why you'd wear it out and not just as jammies! The detailing is really beautiful :)

  7. You always have the cutest clothes and accessories!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment and your prayers concerning my Grandpa. Our family really felt all the prayers and it meant so much to us.