Saturday, December 19, 2009

ATL {40% Off Today!} Purchases

I picked up a couple gifts at Eddie Bauer this morning (as I got an email that their entire store is 25% off today) and then got lured into Ann Taylor LOFT because of their 40% off full-price promo (online code is PRESENTS).  This is today only - but who knows what great promo or markdowns are next?  Anyway, I ended up buying a few things for myself:

(Oh! And because I donated to St. Jude's along with my purchase, they gave me a coupon for 20% off a full price purchase between December 28th and January 24th.)

Jewel Neck Tee in gray -  $49.50, $29.70 on sale and cotton cardigan I can't find online - style # is 238974 - $59.50, $35.70 with discount

The cardi closed (it has two hook closures at the waist) over the Animal Ikat Print Top in Vintage Plum

a clearer pic of the cardi

the Animal Ikat Top - $49.50, $29.70 on sale

Boat Neck with Charmeuse Bow in Shadow Gray - $36.50, $21.90 on sale

Happy Saturday!



  1. adorable finds!! i have several items i am coveting from ATL and this 40% off might make me buy them!!

  2. Cute stuff! I got a crewneck sweater in red, a cure J.Crew-esque embellished tee and two camis I'm returning because I can't stand the acrylic-ness of them. Altogether I spend just over $100. I was almost laughing at how cheap it was!

  3. yay! after i saw your post i quickly went on the LOFT site and bought some goodies! i got that jeweled tee you had on! you totally won me over! i spent less that $80 and 3rd day shipping!! how awesome! :)

  4. Awesome deal today at ATL------I have that same jewel neck tee, in gray!! Love it!! And I have a purple cardigan that i can wear over it, thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. I hit the store today myself, early! I ended up getting two dresses (that were on sale for $20!) and the Cotton Striped Jacket (which was a FP item). I couldn't resist the jacket, even though it's a spring item. i figured until it really clearanced out, 40% off was too good to pass up and I might miss my size! What a great sale!

  6. I went to ATL today too & got a sequined T I've been wanting at 40% off! Yipee.

  7. That's the cardi I got for my mom, but in creme. It's very pretty. So glad ppl are loving the jewel neck top. It's nice to see it on others. Me loveth.

  8. Hello! Merry Christmas! I love your photo in your header! Cute finds! I have the bow tee that I bought during their 30% off sale several weeks ago in that same color! Now I want that "WISH" sign! Have a great holiday.