Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OOD 8.23.09: Spearmint, Gray, & Gold

On Sunday I thought I'd try out my new J Crew corsage cardi with my gray $9.99 skirt score from Target for church and brunch.  I've checked the skirt out online since I bought it and found it is called the Grecian Draped Pencil Skirt in "Grey's Harbor".  I still can't believe it is priced under $10.  I added a simple Old Navy tee in white and my gold metallic SM Seeris and really liked the combo of Gray, Spearmint, and Gold. Would be great with silver also.

 I think I may wear this for my upcoming cross-country flight back to Seattle.  So comfy!  And in this skirt it would have been easier to run up the down escalator to get my 4 yr old son in a crowded airport because he didn't step on the escalator to the train with the rest of the family when he dropped his toy and ran back to get it.  I had to do that in my maxi dress in the Atlanta airport recently.  It's hard to move that fast in a maxi up an escalator in the wrong direction but you do what you have to do - someone told me to look for that on youtube later ;)  .

J Crew cardi, ON tee, Target skirt, Michele Diamond Deco watch, Tiffany & Co. necklace

I tried on some things at J Crew today so have a couple of snaps to share in a day or two.  I didn't have any luck buying - they were out of a lot of sizes in new arrivals - so I am going to hit one more J Crew tomorrow to see if I can find my Amber Maya and some other pieces I'd like to try.



  1. ohhh, i love this color on you, especially with the white and gray. I love the cardigan on others, but haven't tried it on me yet. guess it will be next on my list (smile)

  2. Love the spearmint cardi on you, great color combination with the target skirt too.

  3. First I was drooling over the post yesterday with the cardigans... and then saw the previous post with the Target steals, and decided to just plop a comment down right here to simply say "Fabulous." Everything is just darling, and the look today showing the cardigan with the skirt is excellent Miss Sweet Tea, really a nice style statement. (Excuse, must find a towel to wipe keyboard... can you tell we had a little accident, it is all so droolworthy!)

    Hope you have more fun on the trip tomorrow!

  4. Patina, Summerilla, and tp: thank you so much for the kind comments :) :) :)

  5. Ummm, well, yes, sweet tea, you have GREAT style! I found one of those great 9.99 Target skirts!! I was so excited, because most of them were gone, but i found one lonesome brown skirt, waiting for me. And ive worn mine twice already! Love the gray with that spearmint color cardi. I MUST go to jcrew and check these cardigans out!!! Can't wait to see your jcrew try on's. I wish you the best, in running up and down escalators from now on!! HA!

  6. mrs.a - I am SO happy you found a brown one!! Isn't it a great fit/great style?! I think this one is going to be a sell-out as soon as everyone finds out about it! I am still keeping a look out for black. I will wear mine with tights and tall boots in the Fall too.

  7. I love that skirt. I wasn't so sure yesterday, but today it's on my list. Great find, thanks for sharing!

  8. Very pretty! Guess I'm off to Target tomorrow! I have this cardi in the faded violet color, do you think that color would work too? (with a white tee and grey skirt)

  9. That cardigan... be still my heart.

  10. Joyce & Allison - thanks so much for stopping by!
    jmpb - yes I think the faded violet would be so pretty with this skirt & tee also. :)

  11. Love all of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm a cardigan girl since I live at the beach...so I just can't have enough of those in the winter months...It's just too warm for anything else...
    Love the spearmint color.
    how fun for fall/winter.
    I get tired of all black/brown/greys...so I love a fun cardi !