Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh yes, I tried the Fried Snickers

We're back home and getting into the swing of things here again, but I do still have just a few snaps and stories from our trip back South. Aside from all the family fun & usual activities, I toured an amazing "green" show home, tried on some things at J Crew, visited a huge Target... that sort of thing! I will try to get some more posts up over this week...

But first, I must mention this amazing little restaurant we went to up North of Atlanta. It is called the Magnolia Thomas Restaurant and it was incredible! We had Sunday brunch there after church once (the tomato basil soup was so good I don't know if I can ever eat tomato soup from anywhere else again) and then went back for dinner the night before we left. Of course I took pictures:

fried green tomatoes

buttermilk fried chicken with grits and more fried green tomatoes

cobbler - half cherry, half peach

fried snickers (with blueberries) - My 6 yr old ordered this and we shared :) I must warn you fried snickers are rather rich though and we couldn't come near finishing it!

And of course I had sweet tea. I also must mention that I had my first ever Sonic cherry limeade last week. Oh my gracious. Is there anything like that out here?? If not - does anyone know how to make one at home??

Happy Monday!



  1. Your fried snickers looks a bit more "refined" than the fried snickers I saw at our State Fair! :)
    I have never had fried green tomoatoes but seeing those mouthwatering pictures makes me want to!

  2. YUM, southern food is SO good! You look amazing in that Lily dress, sooooooooo cute. Did you find any goodies at the big, giant Target??!!

  3. oooooooooooooo my gosh..........HELLO !
    yUM !

  4. it all looks delicious. love your lilly dress. gingersnap posted of picture wearing the same dress. it's adorable.

    LOVE your new flooring. GORGEOUS

  5. Sonic is opening about a dozen stores in the greater Seattle area. If you feel like taking a road trip, the first one is already open in Puyallup.

  6. mmmmm...


    salivating on my way to the kitchen to find something that won't be nearly as delicious as that meal you ate.

    P.S. LOVE the dresses!!!

  7. melissamolasses - no WAY! Thanks so much for that info :)
    thanks everyone for stopping by!
    mrs.a - I walked away empty handed but I did find some cute things yesterday at my local Target... much more Fall than they had in Atlanta. Or maybe it just came in. Anyway - I bought one top I'm going to review. :)

  8. I love that Lilly dress!

    I have always wanted to try fried snickers!

  9. You and the girls I am sure looked beautiful in your matching Lillies! I went to my first Lilly store in Nantucket and loved it! I went to an amusement park in Pittsburgh and they had fried oreos, that sounded kind of gross to me. The fried snikers looked better, but I can only imagine the calorie count!! (100000000??)