Sunday, August 2, 2009

Checking Out the J Crew New Arrivals

Well, the store changed quite a bit from last week!  New arrivals everywhere... and no sale merchandise on the floor at all that I could see.

I saw some gorgeous jewelry I'm considering (need to narrow it down) but high on my list is the gorgeous bracelet that summer posted about here (the second bracelet with the sparkly shapes hanging off the chain).  I don't see it online.  I also love some of the necklaces of course.  I saw an interesting way to wear the Libretto - on one mannequin they had it backwards so the bow tie was in the front, high up on the neck, and the sparkles were in back.

I loved the "Blair top" (I believe Petunia came up with this name - I like it better than "Ribbon Front Top") but my size was gone!  They still had every other size though, it looked like.  So a couple try-on snaps of the Eden blazer and the Frances top are below - both size 4:  I think I will end up getting both of these in some color.

J Crew's top, J Crew's picture

I also LOVE, love, love the ballet flats this season.  The Marjorie suede flats are a gorgeous gray (I've been looking for a gray flat) and I also like the satin contrast trim, the Sallys and all that crackle-metallic - not to mention that beautiful tortoise patent.  Again, time to narrow it down!

J Crew's shoe, J Crew's picture

Eden Blazer in Dark Blossom

Frances Blouse in Deep Rose

I had success at Anthropologie after my J Crew visit - coming home with a beautiful dress, a couple tops, and four pairs of earrings.  I'll get some reviews and pics of those up soon!



  1. i love the eden blazer and frances cami on you....gorgeous!!! Both would look nice with the duchess bracelet, don't you think??? I have to stay out of Jcrew, because everytime i go in there, i find something else to love :)))

  2. Well, you know I love the Blair and the Eden. Aren't the suede ballet flats incredibly comfortable? I just have that nagging voice in the back of my head saying "manmade sole...manmade sole".