Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jammie Time

Wow, it's already that Christmas-jammies-ordering time of year. Garnet Hill flannels are some of my absolute favorites. The Green Sheep went over really well last year. 2011 will be Green Penguins:

photo from

These are shipping for free through December 6th. Code G1KS142 also takes $20 off orders of $100 or more or code GIVESHOP takes 10% off, also through December 6th. Thank you to retailmenot for the codes.

In makeup news, Sephora's 20% off ends tomorrow (VIBDREAM). I have my first Bobbi Brown shimmer brick on the way, along with some new-to-me BB colors for eyes, cheeks and lips. Anyone else shop the VIB event?

pic from
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz



  1. The soft touch of a decent flannel pyjama is something I definitely miss over here in Austria! My mum used to give me pyjamas for Christmas, even in my 20's! And early 30's. :-)

  2. Yes Paula - love them! We always received new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve as children :)

  3. The green penguins are a good choice. We have the blue rocket set as sheets in our house, I love them!

    Did you just start watching Sherlock? I LOVE it! What do you think? I can't wait for the next season.


  4. I didn't get to the Sephora event, but love Bobbi Brown cosmetics.

  5. Charlotte - Yes! - I just started Sherlock a few days ago and have watched the 3 from season 1. Can't wait to see 2! Really good, I think.
    Rose - yes, one of my faves too :)

  6. i could use a new shimmer brick----love those! was the 20% in sephora in store and online?
    love garnet hill xmas jammies---we have started that tradition in our family, as well:) do you and your hubby get matching jammmies, too?!! i actually need a new pair o cute jammies, have you found any cute ones out there for us big girls?!

  7. LRA - not usually... I do like the ones at Garnet Hill... they have some of the same flannels. I need to check Target - they often have some nice pjs too. Sephora VIB is instore and online - code VIBDREAM takes 20% off and ends tonight! :)

  8. Shimmer bricks are my favorite!! That is mostly what I wear! Those jammies are too cute and I always get my kids Halloween and Christmas jammies!

  9. Such cute jammies-- love the patterns! I also love Bobbi Brown and Sephora. Thanks for posting so many great bargains!

  10. tricia - oh good - I hope it works well for me too :)
    Chanel - thanks :)

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