Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zara Goes Online for US Shoppers Tomorrow

**update: Couldn't wait. Just ordered the lace top. Anyone else?**

I'm so excited for this launch! I'm going to be shopping the Vancouver BC Zara later this month, but since I only get there about once a year, I'm sure I'll be utilizing the online store before too long too.

If you're ready to shop and would like to get your order in a little early, visit See Chloe Shop - she has a link to shop six hours before the official launch on her post here. (www.zara.com/dearamerica) (And you get free shipping.)

Here are just a few of my current picks:

pic from Zara

boat neck top $59.90 USD
pic from Zara

silk lace top $39.90 USD
pic from Zara


  1. I totally missed that lace top - I may need to go back!

    I already snagged the green jersey blazer, the teal flared dress and the leopard blouse - so thrilled about Zara online!

  2. Lisa - I am loving teal right now! Real Simple did a nice article showing teal with different colors if you haven't seen it. I'll have to go back and look at the blazer you mentioned.

  3. love the lace top!!! i do have a Zara close by, so probably not doing a lot of online shopping with Zara, but it's nice to know, finally, the option is there. Love that first dress, too@!!

  4. Now you know I am excited about this! As both WKW and TPP, both parts of me are delighted this finally happened. :)

    Sending you a smile,
    WKW (aka TPP)