Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missoni for Target, out and about

I wore my new long open cardi the other day. I like it a lot.

Missoni for Target Cardigan Sweater, ON tank in black, Target Mossimo ponte leggings (last year), TB Revas, Tiffany & Co. necklace

A few days later, I took the Zig Zag Flats out for a spin.

Sweet Pea ruffled cardigan in charcoal gray (from Nordstrom a year or so ago), ON tank in white, Target Mossimo ponte leggings, Missoni for Target flats

I know this line sold in a flash and is all over eBay. I was looking at some of the completed listings recently and noticed that lots of items priced above retail are closing without selling which makes me wonder if we will be seeing lots of store returns before too long.



  1. I purchased the same sweater...love how you wore it! I just posted a Missoni for Target giveaway on my blog if you want to stop by and enter! :-)

  2. i LOVE this cardigan-----grrrr, i wish that it would restock online or in the stores!!! so annoying!! looks great the way you styled it, and i love your second outfit, as well!!!!! i miss your ootd's!!

  3. So the ponte pants at Target this year - just not the same. And I'm a good 40 lbs lighter (I was post baby last year) so they don't fit. I have even scoured ebay. Sad I know, but I loved those pants. Any recs for pants like them somewhere else.

    And your long open cardi looks adorable! I'm waiting for it to get cold enough here and then I am busting mine out!! :)

  4. I would love those flats! They look so cute!

    Serves right all the speculators, for no one wanting to buy their loot. I am guessing Target will soon get their stocks replenished in which case there will surely be a glut of stuff available in the store.

  5. Love those flats!


  6. Those flats are making me wish I'd hit Target on Missoni day. Very cute on you.

  7. Glad to see you were able to get your hands on some Missoni pieces! I notices a small section of returned items at my Target yesterday but they haven't fully re-stocked yet.


  8. Beach Bum & Baby - I haven't seen any but haven't really looked yet. My two pairs from last year are showing a bit of wear but not too bad. Sorry to hear this year's aren't as good.
    Thank you everyone for stopping by & the kind comments :)

  9. Awesome for fall. Really love that oversized cardi!

  10. So late to this post but I was willing to buy the flats from ebay FOR $10 over the asking price. That seems reasonable, and I considered it a "finders fee." Those that were in the upper 70s to 100s? CRAZY people. Those will not sell for that amount, come on now. :)

    Love the cardi on you, btw, very cute. I have the matching dress, the one thing I actually got from Target.