Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Pink Coat

It's probably been decades since I've owned a pink coat and I don't know why. I love pink. Pink cardigans, pink dresses, pink shoes. Really, I'm not usually decked out in pink but I do own it and like wearing it. So, when I saw this coat at Nordstrom, I knew it had a place in my closet.

Tulle "Alexa" Coat from Nordstrom
#J8079N2F, Fuschia
also available in Black, Cream, and Eggplant

I've also just ordered these:

Banana Republic Sophie Braided Bootie in Cedar Wood
Banana's boot, Banana's pic
BRSAVE30 takes 30% off your purchase (including shoes) through tomorrow, 12pm.

(Coats and boots... I've begun my Fall/Winter shopping. Who else?!)



  1. Ah!! Ive been waiting, foryou to do a post on this jacket. I went to Nordstrom to try and find it, but couldn't. But maybethat was b/c it was new--ill look again. Was it in the juniors dept.? Also, love the boots from BR! I wonder if they are comfortable.....i always love your shopping finds--and ootd's!!!!

  2. (it's mrs. anketell, btw, i changed my username on blogger)

  3. I love it! I have a couple Tulle jackets and they have held up wonderfully.

  4. It looks fabulous on you!

    As you know, I ordered this jacket yesterday and soooo looking forward to the UPS man bringing it.

  5. I can't wait to wear my 'warm taupe' (read pink) Sasha peacoat from JC I got at the end of last winter. It's been kept inside a cedar trunk all summer.

  6. Love the pink! I hit H&M when I was stuck downtown yesterday and picked up two adorable ponchos. Excited about the sunny 70 degrees tomorrow but ready for fall!