Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turquoise Nails, White Tulips, {and Lesley's Lion Cut}

I just heard that this April looks to be the coldest on record for our area. Brrrrrr... Despite wearing a sweater and boots today I have still been getting ready for the Spring that is sure to come eventually.

OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise
I just had to give this color a whirl a week or two ago. I'm now wearing OPI Strawberry Margarita, but this was fun for a few days. I may try it again on toes.

I have lots of warm colors around our house, so I love to have white flowers, especially this time of year. I think they add such a fresh, clean touch.

This is our girl Lesley. She's usually super furry and fluffy and looks about three times this size. Every Spring she gets a "lion cut" so she's not too hot for Summer. I think she likes it.

I'd love to know what changes people make to get ready for Spring!



  1. Lesley looks very French!

    All white bouquets are my all time favourite...and tulips are so cheerful.

    Funny that you mentioned the April weather it has been the coldest and rainy-est on record since 1979.
    That was the year that our daughter was born and I was probably so busy with my mothering I didn't notice!

    I like those fun OPI colours on younger women but at my age I feel I need to stick with the more traditional shades...Houston we have a purple on my toes and clear OPI on my hands.

    I'll be in Seattle this shop shopping!

    I have changed my hair colour for spring...I have done what you did awhile back...I've gone back to my natural colour...brunette.

    Take care,

  2. Oh my goodness--Lesley looks too funny! How long does she stay like that before all of her hair comes back in?

  3. It is certainly miserable here in the PNW! Mr. Kitty usually gets a lion cut this time of year too but we've been postponing until it gets a bit warmer.

  4. I am laughing SO hard at your cat. My nails are a similar color right now!

  5. Hostess - enjoy your shopping trip! I look forward to seeing what you find :) I hope we get some sun-breaks for you.
    RAW - months - we just do it once a year so she will have a heavy coat again in the Fall
    Hexicon - I know... rough Spring. Lesley spends a lot of time curled up in her flannel blanket :)
    Gracie Beth - but she's so sweet when she gets this cut! - she actually likes to be held more :) Fun color, huh?!

  6. I love OPI's Strawberry Margarita, it is a spring/summer staple for me! The turquoise looks great on you!

  7. Dear Sparrow and Sparkles,
    what a beautiful cat! And I think her eyes will be even more blue than the nail varnish :-), I love the colour of the cats eyes very, very much! (In nailvarnish I prefer the rose or red colours, even for my toes). White flowers are utterly lovely!

  8. I just got Opi Teal it to Me a few days ago so I've been sporting teal nails - it was such a trial for me to apply the polish and not look like a 5yo did it (it still did) that I'm going to leave it on for as long as I can, haha!

  9. Love the lion's cut. I had never seen a cat sporting that fur-do!

  10. Love the nail polish color! My cats would kill me if I shaved them, lol!