Thursday, April 7, 2011

OOTE 4.5.11 {Dinner at Duke's}

Duke's is one of our favorite places to go on Oahu. This was Tuesday night:

Dinner at Duke's

Loft maxi dress in black (last year), Loft cardi, Tory Burch flip flops

Sauteed Mac Nut and Herb Crusted Mahi Mahi (preceded by that great salad bar and a Lava Flow cocktail)

And after, a little stroll through the International Market across the street and a beach walk back to our hotel:

shopping for shell necklaces (7 for $5!)

More Hawaii pics coming soon :)



  1. Oh it looks like fun !
    You look relaxed and no signs of jet lag...and you've obviously got sunshine there....flip heart is aflutter...we wore boots today...RAIN!

    ooh a Lava Flow cocktail...sounds potent!
    What's in it?

  2. I love the International Market. I've found great necklaces in Oahu. Have a blast! It's been raining like crazy in Seattle.

  3. Fun. I miss that area. We lived there for 3 yrs before Seattle. Now we're in So. Cal which is the best of both worlds I think.

  4. The Lava Flow is a yummy combo of rum, coconut cream, banana, strawberry and pineapple... the perfect tropical drink! :) xo

  5. i just love this place! now I'm dying to go! This rain makes me ready for another vacation already. ha!