Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Sunglasses {the Versace 4186}

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Awhile back Kyle Richards wore a pair of pink sunglasses on RHOBH. I'd never really thought much about pink sunglasses, but I like pink and I like sunglasses - so I thought I'd start looking around. Kyle tweeted that hers were by Dolce & Gabbana. After a little searching, they didn't seem to be in stock in stores so I started keeping an eye out for something similar.

After dinner at Duke's Waikiki last Tuesday, my husband wanted to stop in at the sunglass shop next door where I happened upon the Versace 4186 Pink Gradient - and tried them on. And tried them on again. And maybe again. My husband offered to get them for me but I felt like it was a bit of an impulse buy... and pretty much anything over $30 I need to think about.

I waited and thought that evening. The next morning I was thinking about them again, so I did an online search from our hotel room and found them at (for nearly $50 less). I ordered and they arrived a few days ago (super fast shipping from SunTimeOnline, thank you).

The lenses are "violet gradient" and everything looks very rosy through the top, more clear/gray tint through the bottom. They are not as big as the (oversized) Guccis I am usually wearing - just a nice medium size. The frames are pink but not super bright. Nice hue - and versatile enough to wear with lots of outfits. I'm going to think of this pink as a neutral.



  1. LOVE them. I would adore a pair of pink sumglasses.

  2. Yes, LOVE them........i think i have found my new mother's day gift, hehe:) Never thought about pink shades, but i love 'em and they are fairly reasonable, I would say!! Thank you for posting!

  3. My sister wears pink eyeglasses, too! I think it's a very classic, reminds me alot of hers:

    Glad to read I am not the only one who can't buy compuslive. I have been circling around the Chanel Khôl in "clair" for weeks ...

  4. PS: my sister is a mum of 3 like you.

  5. Love the glasses! They look great on you!