Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The (Lands' End) Classifieds

So, Lands' End Canvas is running a really good sale this week called The Classifieds... specific items were listed at opening prices on Saturday, marked down 25% on Monday and today they were marked down 50%. On Friday whatever's left will go 75% off.

I scored a $130 cashmere cardigan for $31.50 this morning and a $180 cashmere cardigan for $36.00 (I hope, because now both size/color combinations show as out of stock).

Go through ebates for 2% cash back.

Cashmere V-Neck Cardigan in Deep Sea Coral (still showing as available in M and L)
also available in Pale Coral Pink and S is showing as still in stock online in that color

Reviews when they arrive!



  1. I love Land's End for their classic pieces. I scored three striped tees in Dec for $11. each. They're great to wear with a simple cardi. last week I ran into Sears to dishwasher shop and stopped by the Land's End department,they had many JC look alikes, I was shocked. One in paticular was a striped cotton jacket/blazer. :)

  2. addicted to jcrew/annTaylor - Nice buys & I agree - they have some great classic pieces. I recently picked up a couple of their striped boatneck tops in new colors for one of my girls because she likes her navy/white one from last year so much :)