Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two OOTDs: Lavender + Gray, Gray + Lavender {+ a puppy pic}

OOTD 5.7.10: Lavender + Gray

I love that the ruffle on this tank is a nicely finished woven fabric - no raw, fraying edges.
J Crew tissue garland tank in lavender, Target boyfriend cardigan (last year's) in heather gray, jeans, Tory Burch Revas in black

OOTD 5.8.10: Gray + Lavender

Nothing like a good empire-cut tank when you possibly ate too much lasagne and garlic bread the night before.
J Crew tank in heather gray (last year's), J Crew Jackie in Misty Lavender (or Lilac... last year's), jeans, Tory Burch Millers in silver, J Crew outlet necklace

...and I haven't posted a puppy pic for a while... here is Winston yesterday, 4 months old already and closing in on 5 lbs! (And definitely ready for his first trip to the groomer!) I'll be sure to post a pic when he's all spiffed up.

Happy Weekend everyone!



  1. Oh Sweet Tea - I may never have to come up with an outfit idea again, I LOVE everything you put together! And I see absolutely no signs of lasagna and garlic bread ;)

    Cute puppy! Love his name! I'm lucky my boys even want to celebrate me tomorrow, since they think I am mean, mean, mean for always saying NO (no way!) to a dog - lol.

  2. Your Winston looks just like my Jip!

  3. I love these colors together!

  4. I adore the lavender! It looks so pretty against your skin tone. And ohmigosh Winston is too cute for words. Is he available to rent? ;)

  5. I must have that ruffle shirt in white. It would be perfect with some of my Lilly shorts.

    Your puppy is adorable. Looks a lot like my Rocco.

    Happy Mother's Day, Sweet Tea!

  6. I love the lavender w/grey. Very cute & so are your sandals. I added this link to my post on the garland tank. :-)

  7. Love both of these outfits-------i also love lavender with gray!! Like i mentioned on your pv sets, i just got two new pairs of silver sandals recently and looking for outfits to wear them with!! Any other outfits with the lavender tank coming up?

  8. Jan - thanks so much!
    calicodaisy - what a cute name!
    Lesa - thank you!
    Roxy - thanks :) Ummmm there are times when I would happily let you borrow him (still potty training)
    Cool Gal - thanks! you too! I noticed Winnie looks like your little dog too :)
    gigi - thank you!

  9. mrs.a - thanks! for sure... I love it!