Monday, May 10, 2010

Two OOTDs: 5.9.10 and 5.10.10

Yesterday morning for church, running late (again). I love a simple jersey dress for this reason - very little thinking involved:

ATL cardi, ATL Ruched Knit Dress, Style #237896 $69.50 but I purchased at the 50% off sale promo for about $30, TB Millers, Anthropologie Bauble Bath bracelet

Monday, volunteering at school (no mealworms involved today... just grading math papers), and then back home to straighten things up after the weekend (and possibly blog & tweet), and afternoon running around:

OOTD 5.10.10

J Crew's cotton-gauze petal cardi is very sheer... I've been trying to think of a way to describe the fabric (very heavy on the nylon - 32% - and 68% cotton) and the closest thing I can think of is that it is similar to those Capezio ballet tights, but more loosely woven. Gigi did a review of this and I know some have found it scratchy. It does not bother my skin or make me itchy at all. I like it - but it is very different from the usual cotton or wool cardi. My favorite feature is that the ruffles are so nicely sewn - I like the workmanship - no unfinished or raw edges and they hold their shape nicely.

J Crew cotton-gauze petal cardigan in Dusty Shale, J Crew cami (last year's or older), Target Merona midrise denim capris, TB Revas in silver

Next post will recap Mother's Day. I hope everyone had a nice weekend and is starting out a good week!



  1. I think I can imagine the material of the sweater and it looks like a perfect summer cover up. The close up pic gives a good look of the material and ruffle. Thanks for posting!
    I am anxiously awaing my new TB shoes in the mail today!!! After seeing you wear your millers, I knew I needed to get a pair! I can't wait! I got them in red and the revas in gold. ooooh, i feel like a kid waiting for santa!!

  2. Pamela - red Millers! Love it. I was looking at the crocheted Revas yesterday at TB and thinking I could use the ones with the red trim. I love a red shoe. And gold revas are classic - I'm sure you will wear them all the time :) have a great week!

  3. Love both outfits----glad to see a review of your new cardigan, from jcrew. I like the color and the close up picture really give it more appeal. Love the silver TB's with that outfit!! Love the ATL dress---I meant to get a dress while they were running that promo, but didn't....they have two dresses that I have been looking at. I like a comfy knit dress with a cardigan for like you said, and easy outfit without too much thinking!! HA! My kind of outfit:)

  4. I love your outfits! That dress is so cute!!

  5. Hello there Sweet Tea in Seattle!
    Love the church outfit...perfect!
    I am in need of a plain...cropped (not too short) just a plain black cardigan I can wear with over sleeveless things...with like black pants.
    Any suggestions on where I might find!
    If anyone's YOU!
    Love your fashion blog!

  6. Lovin' the silver Revas. So spring-y!

  7. Can you tell us more about the Target denim capris? I could use a new pair... Thanks!!

  8. "Style Number 237896 is not available online at this time."

    Oh well... It does look like a good one.

  9. I heart knit dresses too! So easy to care for and perfect for "throw and go" outfits.

  10. mrs.a & triciathomas - thank you!

    Teresa - I have a great plain black cardi from LOFT (last year's) that is the same shape as the J Crew Jackie. Love Jackie cardis! Check LOFT & J Crew... All the Spring colors are out now so I'm not sure who has a good basic black, but I'd also check Lands' End and LLBean. Such nice quality. Petit Bateau has one online but it is a rather boxy cut & pricey @ $120. You might also try Target online! Good luck! :)

    DrDrama - thanks!

    Hope - I am pretty sure they are very new arrivals. I didn't keep the tag but there were different washes, and my receipt has #014082173 for the size 6. The inside waistband is imprinted with "Merona mid rise" and they are $19.99.

    LilyBart - I know :( ... got them on super-sale ... but you can use the # to check for stores that might have :)

    Michelle Q - thanks for stopping by!

    Erin - thanks!

    have a great week xo

  11. You are so adorable! I love the shot of your looking down at your shoes!!!

  12. To cute. All the outfits are gorgeous! Great taste!