Friday, January 18, 2013

Zara Sweater with Asymmetric Hem {Zara Sale}

I've found some great sweaters recently at the Zara sale online (have branched out from their blazers).  I particularly love the color of this one... the Sweater with Asymmetric Hem.  I think I've worn it four times since it arrived, which wasn't that long ago.  Someone asked me if I knit it.  I wish!  I need to get my eleven year old to teach me.

Here it is last weekend with some boots I bought at Horse Town in Georgia last summer, and that F21 $10.80 denim that I wear all the time.  I'm wearing my usual size in Zara - medium.

 also wearing the Judith Jack Eiffel Tower Necklace in sterling/marcasite (Christmas gift from my children)



  1. I was at Zara yesterday and I was amazed at how many stuff that looked great and I would actually buy that they had. I had to refrain myself and "only" got a black pleated skirt and a pair of black velvet pants. I like your sweater!

  2. Love the post as always! Erica

  3. Dear Sparrowand Sparles,
    the blue looks terrific!