Friday, January 4, 2013

Sailing Hong Kong Harbour on the Aqua Luna

While my younger daughter wanted to see a giant panda, at the top of my seven-year-old son's list for Hong Kong was sailing on a Chinese junk.  (He's a big Lego Ninjago fan and I believe this has something to do with "Destiny's Bounty".)

We were happy to discover the Aqua Luna, and enjoyed a wonderful 90 minute one-way sail to Stanley Market (we took a double decker bus back to our hotel). The boat's staff was wonderful, the boat itself just beautiful, and the views amazing.  I seem to recall pricing was reasonable, and included one drink.  Information (and fabulous photography) on their website here.  I would highly recommend and would definitely go again!


perfect for lounging

gorgeous red sails

viewing Hong Kong

downstairs from the lounge-y chairs (inside)

 Ocean Park as seen from the Aqua Luna

Some pictures after we arrived at Stanley, before we were immersed in the crazy, crowded, fun shopping stalls:

My older daughter wanted to shop Hong Kong.  I have pictures from some of those outings too, up next.



  1. What a great way to see the city!
    Love those red sails against the grey sky.
    Shopping next yippee!

  2. It has been YEARS since I was in Hong Kong... I would love for my kids to experience it.. Can't wait til MY daughter is old enough to actually ENJOY shopping with me.
    Looks like a great trip! :-)

  3. I've seen these boats when I was in Hong Kong. I must take one next time I'm there.


  4. Dear Sparrows and Sparkles,
    the boat with the red sails looks marvelously romantic - adventurous & cozy in one - a voyage your little boy will not forget.

  5. What a wonderful adventure! I love that that's what your son wanted to do. So creative! :)