Friday, December 28, 2012

Zara Tartan Blazer

When I saw all these great pictures of some beautiful Black Watch over at What Kate Wore, I was reminded just how much I like tartan.  I used to wear it quite a bit - years ago - but haven't in such a long while.  Perusing Zara's blazers (again), I came across this one in New Arrivals and thought it might be just the thing.

It crossed my mind that it might be too over-the-top, but once again Zara got it just right.  In normal light it is almost - almost - subtle.  But it is definitely still Tartan.  I have the flash on it in the close-up.  The fabric is smooth and feels pricier than it is.  The construction and fit are nice.  I'm wearing my usual Medium.

Also! I've recently noticed no international transaction fees from my credit card related to my online Zara buys. Zara must have changed something with their banking.  It never made sense to me that orders were processed that way, ordering from a US site with the items appearing to ship from a US address.  At any rate, looks like it's changed - good news!

Here is how I wore it for our Danish "Little Christmas Eve" (the 23rd):

Zara blazer, ON bank in black, F21 denim, J Crew Brewster Boots (years ago)



  1. Love it! Erica

  2. i've been contemplating this blazer... now i might have to bite!
    thanks for the review!

    1. I'm really happy with it. Hope you enjoy if you order! :)

  3. nice! i have one that looks very similar from Target!

  4. Yea... I love that tartan is coming back... I swear I had this blazer in college! Godt nyt år!