Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jubilee Tee {M&Co. Order}

Happy and Glorious!

My M&Co. order arrived from the UK yesterday... just in the nick of time for the Diamond Jubilee. None of my friends or people I run into around here seem to be talking about the Jubilee... thank goodness for Twitter and BBC America.

This tee is my favorite:

M&Co's Pic

close-up of my tee

I also ordered this scarf:

Red, White and Blue flowers, butterflies and birds.... but look:

This tee will also come in handy for a birthday party I am hosting this month:

This was my first order from M&Co but likely not my last.  I'm very happy with the quality of the items for the price and shipping was fast... my items arrived in six days here on the US West Coast.

Anyone else order from M&Co? Or any other great Jubilee items?



  1. I have never heard about M&Co until now. The scarf is really beautiful - also unfolded. I lived in the UK for six years and I'm a proud anglophile! ;)

  2. The scarf is beautiful and those tees are so fun!

  3. I love the scarf! I'm a huge anglophile myself...I've ordered some tea (Harney & Son has a pretty tin for the Jubilee) and a Burleigh plate. There's some Emma Bridgewater I'm looking at too.... :)

    I haven't ordered from M&Co but I'll look into it. Good to hear of their good customer service.

    No one interested near me either... :(


    1. Thanks Charlotte - I know you are :-) I'm going to check into those things you mentioned! xx

  4. very cute!

    My father absolutely loved the festivities and is going to get a diamond-jubelee-mug. :-)
    60 years ago my parents where 10, they grew old with the queen. :-)