Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Loft Shopping {+ I Painted}

The image of treading water comes to mind when I think about my days lately.... getting ready for Christmas and visitors, and extra activities on top of all the usual for children, home and office... It's fun and happy, but it feels a little overwhelming at times. I did recently make time for some quick sale shopping at Loft, and spent an afternoon finally getting the study painted:

Benjamin Moore Weimaraner
(Makes me think exactly of a Weimaraner, really.)

Here's what I bought at the Loft during one of their recent promotions:

Lucky Magazine likes the red bow blouse, too. I just noticed it in the January issue this morning:

I have been snapping some OOTDs here and there which I'll post before too long. Today I look like I'm going to the gym, but I'm not. I hope nobody asks.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. The wall color is absolute perfection!! I love it and will keep it in mind for my own home!!

  2. Beautiful wall color!
    LOVE the boiled wool jacket!...
    and I completely relate on the "treading water"!-off to "tread" some more!

  3. The red bow blouse is fantastic!!

  4. Absolutely LOVE the name and color of the BM paint!!!!!! I have to check it out! Thanks!

  5. yes, can relate to the "treading water" comment, as goodness it is such a busy time of the year!!!! LOVE the paint color, too!!! so fresh, and colorful. Must run into the Loft to browse...i love that jacket you got and the navy sweater..and what is this dress over on your side tab that you got..??!

  6. I am SO excited to see Weimaraner on your walls! I just got the swatch from pottery barn and my new year's project is to paint that color in our living room. We have crown moulding similar to your's so the picture is just PERFECT! Looks great :)