Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 Christmas Wish List

I love making lists... but they are usually of the to-do variety. Lately, I've been checking off my Christmas shopping for everyone -- but my husband's asking what might be included on my list. Here it is:

The 2011 Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plate
104th Edition
pic from
This looks like the view onto Radhuspladsen from our hotel the first time we took our children to Denmark. I love the cat, the little boy in the sailor suit, the paper woven heart (we make those too)... just everything.

L.K. Bennett Maddox Shoe in Taupe

Kendra Scott Earrings (so many styles and colors)
This is the Yuri in Chalcedony.

iittala Taika Dinnerware
I bought a coffee cup and saucer in blue in the Copenhagen airport a couple years ago and think it's just beautiful. I'd like to get more pieces in both the blue and the white to use as our breakfast dishes.

Le Creuset Bakeware in Flame
pic from Yahoo Shopping


Hermes Nuees Imaginaires Silk Twill 90

Hermes Pierres d'Orient et d'Occident Silk Twill 90

I hope everyone's starting off a nice weekend and staying warm if it's feeling icy like it is here!



  1. Love those Talbot's gloves!!!!! Also the first silk scarf you have pictured here, GORGEOUS. Hope you are also having a good weekend...we did the tree and my oldest saw Santa Claus!!

  2. LOVE that pocketbook and both the Hermes scarves!

  3. I love your hermes and the bag choices. The IIttala set is gorgeous, I have the owl white version, I got them on gilt for a good price. A guaranteed compliments when you use them to serve your guests!!

  4. The Ittalia china is really lovely.
    Your list has some fabulous ideas for Santa, I hope that he is reading your blog!

  5. These are all wonderful gift ideas! The iittala set is beautiful in both colors.

  6. Love your list, especially the bag. I read your blog everyday and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Dear Sparrows and Sparkles,
    that is a gorgeous wish list! And the porcelain can be mixed in both colours - serving a dish from that Traditional cookbook, cooked in Le Creuset Bakeware :-)

  8. LRA - Thanks! And how fun!! Our tree is up but we haven't been to see Santa yet.
    Miss Janice - thank you!
    Outfit of the Day - I recently saw red too... now I think I want to mix & match all three :) Love this pattern.
    hostess - thank you!
    ABC - thanks :)
    wendy - thanks so much for your comment. Happy Christmas to you too!

  9. Dear Britta, you've come up with a perfect combination, thank you!! :)

  10. That's quite an impressive list! I'll take the iittala Taika Dinnerware and National Trust cookbook please :-)

  11. I think I'll just copy your list and fax it off to Santa, if you don't mind! :) Hope you are having a lovely holiday!


  12. Sarah Louise - yes, I'd love to start cooking with that book :)
    Charlotte - thank you - same to you!

  13. My fantasy list is like yours, Le Creuset, dinner plates with birds on them and hermes!

  14. Love & love that you got a mention from Kendra Scott! You were the first person to point me towards her jewelry forever ago!

  15. Bourbon & Pearls - sounds perfect!
    DON - thanks! I didn't know! :)

  16. Love the list! All of it: plates, cookbook, shoes, earrings by Kendra Scott. You can me on your list of people you have pointed towards her!