Saturday, October 22, 2011

L.K. Bennett London {in Atlanta}

There's been so much attention paid to the Duchess of Cambridge's clothing choices in blogs, tweets, and magazines. I really like most of what I've been seeing. Ladylike, wearable, and not altogether out-of-reach or exclusive. I've been introduced to some companies I hadn't heard of before all this media coverage and am happy I've found them. One of the brands I was most interested to check out in person was L.K. Bennett. I got the chance this past summer when we were in Atlanta. It was a really great shopping day (I also found a fab DvF wrap dress on supersale at Saks).

The shop was set up beautifully and the sales associates were very helpful.

And just look at this wall of markdowns:

The shipping charges on the website are really expensive - 45 GBP (currently over $71.00!) for the first item, 7.50 GBP for each additional, to the US (and Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.). I had run out of room in my luggage, so had my three pairs of shoes shipped from the Atlanta store to my house and I believe it was around $12 - $15. I would recommend calling one of the US stores to see if they have the stock you are looking for and can ship if you are not near a store. John Lewis has quite a bit of L.K. Bennett on their website and now ships to the U.S. for 15 GBP per order (currently about $24.00)

The three pairs I ended up with are the Maddox in Dusk suede (which I posted on earlier), the Isadora in Navy suede, and the Alessia in Tan. I found the Maddox and Isadora TTS and took a 39 but had to go up to a 40 in the Alessia.

I know I haven't been posting many OOTDs lately (currently I'm wearing ON yoga pants, Uggs and one of my husband's old sweatshirts, circa the mid-90's, as it is cold, rainy, and I just need to pick up this house and do laundry)... but here's an outfit from the ATL trip:

Zara Snakeskin Print Blouse, 7 FAM white denim, orange suede sandals made in Positano, Prada handbag

OOTD 8.1.11

Polyvore with the Zara blouse, similar everything else, + Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca and Dior Addict gloss

So I've taken on another volunteer opportunity... and added on to everything else my days are feeling a little crazy and I'm trying to get organized and stay calm. I'll still be posting and visiting blogs, but there may be some long stretches in between. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and staying warm if your weather has turned like ours has!



  1. It's raining cats and dogs here...I wore my yoga pants, walking shoes and a down jacket for my walk earlier today....not a hint of glamour or style!

    What fun to discover that you and the princess wear the same shoes!

  2. I love the Isadora in navy! These are so pretty. Size that about a 9? I think this is what I usually wear, so you'd say they run true to size?

    I am having a good weekend, thus far, thank you very much! :) I went to Nordstrom Rack for the first time & found some cute shoes & leopard print gloves. Plus....are starting to be hopeful we'll be back in WA when we get stationed somewhere next - woo hoo! I know it's rainy & cold but it's beautiful too :)

    Cheers on the new volunteering! :)


  3. I love LKB. Their shoes are so great but the sizing is very inconsistent. Great picks.

  4. hostess - yes, some days are just like that! :)
    Charlotte - very fun! I hope you get stationed exactly where you'd like. I usually wear an 8.5, occasionally a 9. Sized this way though, generally a 39.
    A - thank you for the comment on sizing - that is good to know.

  5. Great shoe buys - I especially like the navy suede flats. That wall of clearance shoes is just dreamy. :)

  6. A Bigger Closet - oh it was! Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Good luck with your new volunteering job! Lovely shoes!

    I'm heading to UVillage tomorrow, rain or shine. But I suspect it will be mostly rain.