Saturday, October 8, 2011

In Which We Make Our Way Out from Being Stuck in an Alley in Italy

For our Italian holiday this summer we had a rental car. It worked well for us, traveling with three children, and for spontaneity purposes (like an unplanned visit to Rainbow Magic Land outside Rome and impromptu shopping stops... more on that later)... but driving in a different country does present its challenges.

We made great use of our tomtom gps system. Truly such a tremendous help. In most cases.

We eventually learned to pick and choose the times we'd follow instructions explicitly, after being led up a couple impossible alleys. (Of course we made mistakes, just trying to deal with it all.) Here is a video I shot of one such case, somewhere between Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius. We made our way up an ever narrowing path to a brick wall, and got the car just about turned around... here is the journey out (at the very end that's someone beeping at us to go faster!).

p.s. I recommend the full, extra, super coverage insurance. We used it.

p.p.s. Sorry about the high pitched tone at the beginning... that was tomtom complaining. It ends at 0:40.



  1. Thanks for the video! It's like seeing any small French or Swiss town as well. Streets are SO narrow! In one instance I had a bus coming from the opposite direction... needless to say I almost panicked, thinking we couldn't both fit on the street! :)

  2. How funny! Disconcerting at the moment, I'm sure but it makes for good memories! :)

  3. Fab trip. Europe is so different...and enlightening.

  4. Love to see the pics of your trips, I'll keep checking to get some ideas! Lovely blog.

  5. I love your video of driving in Southern Italy.
    Such fun!

    I had similar experiences in Tuscany and wish I had recorded them. It is all worth while for such incredible beauty and scenery
    I am your new follower. Great blog

  6. Rose, lottie, Nantucket Daffodil, Outfit of the Day & helen tilson - thank you so much for stopping by and your kind comments! :)