Saturday, July 2, 2011

OPI Melon of Troy + BR Miracle {vacation pedicure}

I just got my vacation mani/pedi. Essie Mademoiselle for the manicure and OPI Melon of Troy for the pedicure:

I have on my new Miracle jeweled sandal in New caramel from Banana Republic. I love all the 3-hour sales they've been having lately. They usually don't include shoes in those but these got a promotional markdown not too long ago. I added in a black boatneck 3/4 sleeve tee from Old Navy, making my total over $50 and got free shipping too.

The Miracles are nicely padded and the caramel is a gorgeous soft neutral. I like the embellishment too. I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but the front straps on mine were quite different in width from each other up at the top. I'm going to look at it as "handcrafted".

My girls got pedicures today too. The pink is OPI Pompeii Purple and the purple is China Glaze Coconut Kiss. Both have a coat of OPI Techno (super glittery) over:

So I know I have been packing for a long while and I'm still here... but I have gotten to this point:

Look! I've saved a whole half a suitcase for my husband.
(He will throw some things in there 30 minutes before we leave for the airport.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend!



  1. Love those BR shoes...and the pedi! All three colors are fun!

    Great job on packing. I'm going to Naples, FL in a week and am already dreading the packing process!

  2. Ha! My husband packs 30 min before the airport, too. It drives me CRAZY!

  3. Dear Sparrows&Sparkle,
    these are beautiful sandals (make me almost forget my good intention not to buy another pair of shoes - at the moment, no more place in armoire or suitcase).
    Boatneck sweaters are very, very difficult to get this year in Germany - though that is the cut I prefer most - the shops with French fashion sometimes have one, then you see this woman buying!
    I wish you a great holiday!

  4. I love that you and the girls have pedicures together!
    Your HB must pack light...I hope that he doesn't forget anything...30 minutes is not long!

  5. love my BR sandals,too!!! such a pretty neutral, and they are super comfy. i wore them all day yesterday to my daughter's 1st bday party:)

  6. I can't see the strap issue. The sandals look really, really good. All the toes-ies look good :)

  7. I like that you travel light... and an entire half of suitcase for the husband! That's cute. Have a good vacation!

  8. The sandals are so pretty, I clicked on the link and was amazed to see that they come in a size 5, which I can never seem to find anymore. I hate the quickie sales, though. They make me feel stressed!

  9. I totally LOL at the husband comment - that is so typical :) I know I could never share a suitcase....the thought actually scares me! Darling blog!