Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Decorating

Here are some snaps from around our house now... my Christmas decorating is done! Gift wrapping and baking -- not so much...

over the kitchen island

I collect these Danish Christmas drops from Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl - they make new ones each year

I found this Eiffel Tower at Target this year

our 2010 Nutcracker addition

on the piano

family room mantel

our Elf on the Shelf

yes, Win is in a Santa suit :)

I have a wreath on my car too, which I don't see that often around here. Does anyone else do that?!

One week and counting...



  1. so pretty!! Perfect that you found the Eiffel Tower at Target!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Beautiful and so merry!! Have a wonderful holiday with your DH and adorable little ones!!! Sending Southern girl ((HUGS))!!! :-)

  3. Everything looks beautiful. Every year my dad puts a wreath on his car, but I don't see it that often. I did think about putting a red bow on the grill of my suv, but I settled on a pink ornament for my rear view mirror. Happy baking.

  4. Your home is so beautiful and I just love all your CHristmas decorations!!! =)

  5. Everything looks fabulous, esp. the pooch in the last photo! :)

  6. wow, gorgeous! my parents haven't decorated our house yet since I just got home... hopefully i can convince them to do it tomorrow!
    win is so adorable!

  7. Love the decorations around the mirror and of course, Win! Too cute!

  8. half of STL has wreaths on their cars, me included!!

  9. Everything looks so great! I love the poinsettias.

  10. Love all your decorations. So pretty!

  11. Dear Sparrows and Sparkles,
    such a beautiful decoration! A wreath in the car I have never seen here. But these days with the masses of snow Berlin is almost quiet - not much driving with cars - and the railway offers to take your booked tickets back.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Britta

  12. I dont put a wreath on my car but I love it when people do things like that:) Ive seen truckers dressed up as Santas( theyre driving down the interstate), truckers' trucks decked out with lights and wreaths and just the other day saw an SUV parked at a restaurant that had antlers on it. Very fun!
    On a sidenote, I also scored that Eiffel Tower from Tar-Jay and its quickly become my favorite ornament!

  13. Peggy - thank you - Merry Christmas to you!
    JCAUNCMom - thanks! I appreciate the Southern Girl hugs :)
    Patina - that's a great idea - hadn't thought of that!
    Jenni, PLD, C & Rose - thank you!
    Jill - maybe that's where I got it! We lived in St. Louis 3 years :)
    Pamela & Dishy Decorator - thanks :)
    Britta - thank you! Stay warm in Berlin!
    Handbags N Pigtails - antlers - cute! Love the Eiffel Tower ornament - great Target find.

  14. Beautiful decorations! Sending warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas. :)