Friday, May 2, 2014

Zara Blazer Shopping

Before I post more travel pictures from Denmark (and some from Oahu)… I've been Zara blazer shopping again.  I have the gathered shoulder blazer in two colors and a linen-y one from last year in three, so it's safe to say I like their outerwear.  I've just ordered these two from new arrivals and they've already shipped so I will have some photos and reviews soon:

Blazer with Peter Pan Collar in Pink

Blazer in Ecru/Blue

Untitled #306



  1. I've been eyeballing the pink blazer (in the creme version) myself - Zara does jackets well. Looking forward to the review, thanks!

  2. Zara makes fine jackets - and they are very quick in following the last trend. The pink one above reminds me of Jacky o.

  3. I really like the blue one! Maybe it will be on sale by the time we move :)