Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some London Shopping {& an app}

I set aside our last full day in London for this.  Had a fantastic time.  From the pictures I took, it looks like we spent the whole day at the food hall at Selfridges... which I must say is amazing.  We did also make it to Liberty and I have a few snapshots from that.  Also visited Jigsaw, Jack Wills, Penhaligon's, Partridges, a couple of Zaras and Next.  Most of our purchases were back-to-school clothes for the children, but I did also find some pretty Pip Studio porcelain and a few things from Cath Kidston at Selfridges.

I ate one of those slices of the Carry On Caramel Cheesecake.

My children each chose a Lola's cupcake.

"perfect pies for picnics"

pretty chocolate boxes at Selfridges

still looking at food at Selfridges

Liberty of London

flowers outside Liberty

strawberry elderberry Bellini at Liberty Cafe 

back home with coffee in my new Pip Studio Lovebirds mug

I found the Citymapper London app to be very useful for directions.  I planned routes and took screenshots to use as we were out as I didn't find wifi that often.  I like how the app let me know our walk along Oxford Street used up .4 macarons in calories (at the bottom of the second screen shot below).  Not even close to covering my morning snack, but a start.

France up next.



  1. hi. I have a family of 5 and am planning a trip for the first time to Europe this summer. Your posts have been helpful. I am going to try to stay at your London hotel. We are going to do England and France (possibly Italy). We live in CA. Thank you! :)

    1. Have a wonderful time! We went to Italy two years ago and I have a few posts on that (Rome, Arezzo, Pompeii). I've found booking.com to be helpful for finding hotels for five... for St Ermins I booked online directly with the hotel company. I couldn't find a way to book for five so I contacted them and they said to make sure to book the family room and book for two adults and then note in the comment section that we are traveling with three small children. I think they just have to be under 12. Have fun planning!

    2. Where did you stay in Paris? Were you happy with the hotel? Thank you!

    3. Hi! This time we did not stay in Paris - we were near Versailles and more southwest France. Four years ago we did stay in Paris and I loved the West End and would definitely stay there again. I have a post on it with some pictures here: http://sparrowsandsparkles.blogspot.com/2009/07/west-end-hotel-paris.html

  2. My husband & I lived just outside of London when we were first married - can't wait to revisit. I would move back in a heartbeat - and that's saying something, as I'm from Alabama!

  3. Those cat and dog cookies - LOVE! And now, I would like to go back to Europe.

  4. Nice photos. But I would not want cupcakes in my milkshake:).