Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Qingyan Ancient Town

Our last day in Guiyang - on the way to our flight back to Hong Kong - our friends took us to Qingyan Ancient Town for sightseeing, shopping, and lunch.  This amazing gated village dates back to 1378 (Ming Dynasty) and is about 18 miles south of Guiyang city.

my seven-year-old walking up to the town

rice drying

a cat on the roof

we dressed up and bought some pictures

a silver shop
I bought some beautiful hand made earrings that are made from thin strips of silver rolled to form flowers and dragonflies.

lunch (more dishes arrived shortly)
The plastic gloves on our hands are for the pig feet at the center of the table - the local specialty - which you eat with a gloved hand.  Only two of us (my husband and son) actually gave them a try but we all donned the gloves.

this was very, very, very good - a sort of mashed potato dish

we received many photo requests here also

Waiting for our flight back to Hong Kong I was a little concerned we might not be in the right place because very few other people were there.  Turns out there were only eight or nine passengers on this flight - and we were five of them.  It felt a little eerie at first for some reason.  They sat us all together in the center of the plane.

I'll post some pictures from out and about in Guiyang next.