Tuesday, September 11, 2012

F21 Shopping {+ beginning to think about the China wardrobe}

I've been doing quite a bit of shopping lately -- trying to find a few things here and there for our trip to Hong Kong and Guizhou, China next month.  My husband used to travel to Hong Kong for work so I've been a few times and have just loved it there.  I've been to the mainland, but not to the area we'll be going this time.  If anyone has any advice on what to wear to a wedding in Southwest China (Guiyang specifically) I would appreciate it!  I know white and black are out, but red is confusing me as I was advised to wear red (by someone from another part of China), then read online that sometimes the bride may wear red and you don't want to compete. I bought Ann Taylor's Downtown Shift dress in Mambo Purple (which looks very fuchsia to me) but now am rethinking sleeveless if I can't find the right cardigan to put over it.  I did just order AT's Metropolitan Shift in Azurite - which is a gorgeous blue IRL - so that may be it...

But on to my F21 finds.  First up, $10.80 slim jeans.  Plain, stretchy, comfortable.  I bought them in the dark blue and black denim.  I think these will be so versatile for travel. They felt like leggings, but I can wear them as pants, with just about anything from dressier jackets to tees.  I haven't worn them yet, so I don't know how much they will stretch out in a day, but for under $11 I'm willing to give them a shot.

Forever 21 Classic Slim Denim in Dark Denim and Denim Black

I wasn't looking for denim - I actually had my eye out for a new blouse or two.  Something a little dressy, with sleeves, but lightweight and that will take up little suitcase room.  Starting to think about Hong Kong dinners or tea.  These two fit the bill, though they are still very wrinkly in these pics.

F21 Sheer Tie Collar Button Up/19996511 in Jade

F21 Smocked Tie Collar Blouse/17306673 in Wine

Both of these blouses are very sheer.  In the pics I am just wearing the white Old Navy tank I had on today but I plan to wear them over my new Target camisoles in "Beige" I also found recently.  I think the YSL Belle de Jour clutch in Merlot patent I have on the way from Net-A-Porter will work with the blouses too. I am really liking burgundy/bordeaux for Fall.

Target Mossimo Supply Co. Core Cami/272341

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I am from Hong Kong and people wear whatever color they want to weddings. Just not all black. Yes, brides may change into red dresses for the banquet. But that would be the traditional Chinese wedding dress so even if you wear red, it is still ok.

  2. Yes the teal is very pretty! Jewel tines are in this fall too !

  3. That's so exciting that you get to go to a wedding in China! xo

    1. thanks! we are really looking forward to it :)

  4. The Ann Taylor shifts look cute on the website, I don't have a store near me to see them in person. :(

    I like the Forever 21 tops! How is the sizing? Some things are so tiny there...even my daughters, who are tiny, have to size up sometimes.

    Have you seen Kate's dresses in Singapore? I love the blue & white Erdem :)

    1. The AT dress are a nice thick fabric and seem to be well made. I find sizing to be similar to J Crew. I'll post some pics when the other dress gets here. I size up at F21 compared to BR or AT or JCrew. The blouses in this post are Mediums. Similar to Zara sizing I think. Yes! I've been following the dresses! Loved the white Alexander McQueen on her too. whatkatewore.com is a have :)