Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto Earrings

Update 10/13: I see the Effervescence Bubble Stiletto earrings can also be purchased at Bloomingdales here.

I'd admired these in pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge for awhile but I like them even more in real life.  My Effervescence Bubble Stiletto earrings from Links of London arrived last week, boxed and tied with ribbon, packaged nicely in a little bag with tissue.  I ordered in US dollars on the US version of the site, but I did get charged a small foreign transaction fee by my credit card.  (Mine is 1% but it varies.)  I can't remember what the return address was on the box but I think it was a US address.  Similar to Zara with the fee deal I think.

To me they seem very delicate, feminine, and nicely made.  The iolite is a lovely lavender and I think they can go dressy for evening or more casual for day.  They will be going toward the casual end with me quite a bit as I want to wear these often.

Here are some more snaps:

They are very swingy so a little difficult to not photograph blurry when on.  There is a lovely bracelet in the Effervescence collection also...

I went through ebates when I ordered these (5% cash back, nice) but after about a week noticed the rebate had not been credited (it's usually 3 days or so).  I contacted the company on a little form on their website and in less than ten minutes received a response letting me know it can take up to 30 days to credit, depending on the store, but they manually credited my account the 5% so I wouldn't have to wait.  Impressed, ebates, thank you.  If you don't already use them, I can refer you over on my sidebar.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Beautiful earrings! Definitely something I'd wear too. They're really classy and timeless.

  2. Very pretty and feminine.
    Love it when problems can be fixed quickly without major hassles...
    good to know we can trust ebates.

  3. Mine arrived yesterday and I opened my pretty package with a LOT of anticipation. To be honest they were smaller than I had imagined; for some reason I assumed they would be quite long- at lest chin length so in comparison to my imagination, seemed quite teeny. However once tried on I liked them a lot: delicate but not insubstantial, swingy, feminine and a bit sexy. Will be wearing them as often as possible since they will work well for either daytime or evening wear. I also own the 'sweetie' bracelet in sterling silver and it's very pretty and well made. I am slowly adding charms to it; I don't want it to be too weighty so no more than 3 charms I think. As you can tell I am fairly new to the brand so will not be buying more for a few months till I assess the overall quality and value of what I have purchased to date. But so far, I like my Links experience.
    Oh and it's recommended their bracelets (the stretchy ones) are re-strung every 18 months and they will clean and spruce them up for you for free (plus the small fee for re-stringing)Cannot fault service like that.:)

  4. Those earrings are so cute and pretty!